Save the Children : Guildhall Winter Gala

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      672 glowing dream jars 

      370 worms 

      1 giant peach 

Here at Private Drama, one of our biggest joys as immersive event planners, designers and creators is turning dreams into reality as part of our every day job.

Bringing ideas to life is never easy, whatever industry you’re in. Nobody will ever understand what is in your imagination like you do.

However, our fantastically creative team and network of specialist suppliers who ‘get’ us and our clients, consistently do just that.

Even more interesting than turning your own ideas into a sensory experience that will thrill guests, is the challenge of manifesting other people’s concepts.

Often with private clients, the experience we are trying to capture is inspired by a favourite memory or experience which adds an extra dimension to the importance of translating a brief with sensitivity.

Then there are the creative briefs which have, at heart, a theme or style that universally conjures individual and nostalgic interpretations. 

Save the Children’s Winter Gala is one such brief.

In 2016 the theme was Roald Dahl and as soon as we started immersing ourselves in the wonders of the worlds he created, we quickly became aware that everybody we spoke to had very vivid and definite pictures of their favourite characters and scenes.

It is quite a responsibility to take on characters and stories that have held iconic status in a nation’s psyche since childhood and turn them into a living, breathing and entertaining immersive world, appropriate for a charity fundraiser. 

Re-exploring the books we realised that the key to the magic of Dahl’s books is the incredible and distinctive detail he builds.

In Matilda, he wrote of his eponymous characters reading habits ‘The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives.’

By taking his details and working with creative and theatrical set and costume designers we conjured those worlds too. 

Guests were awed and entertained to meet The BFG, amused and perhaps a little revolted to have their journey through the event chaotically interrupted by Mr and Mrs Twit.

Like intrepid inventors they drank cocktails from George’s Marvellous Medicine bar and enjoyed champion canapes from Danny’s Filling Station.

Magic was truly created in the magnificence of the Guildhall when, at the moment Save the Children reached their fundraising target for the evening, the Giant Peach lifted above the roofs of the houses on the stage and flew with James flying beneath it.

And that is at the core of what we do here at Private Drama – through detail and dedication, we build magic – and as the BFG would tell you, everybody’s Dream Jar may look different but we all know enchantment when we feel it.